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NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock, at the 2011 NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, took a break to take your questions during a live chat on Friday, Feb. 25.


    Hi everybody. Hope you've been following all the Combine coverage on NFL Network and

    Mike Mayock is on his way over here as we speak and will join us in a couple of minutes.
  • Mike Mayock, NFL Network

    Mike Mayock, NFL Network

    Okay, I'm here. Let's do it.
  • Harry, Spokane

    12:34 PM ET

    In your opinion, what's the biggest difference between Robert Quinn and Da'Quan Bowers?
    Mike Mayock, NFL Network

    Mike Mayock, NFL Network

    Hi Harry. There are more similarities than differences. Both kids have had a huge single season and both are explosive off the edge. Bowers was at Clemson for four years with one huge year of production. Quinn is a 20-year-old true junior that was suspended and missed the entire 2010 season. Right now, my slight preference would be Robert Quinn, because he's younger and I believe has more upside.

    The key to either kid is making sure you're comfortable with their work ethic and potential off-the-field issues.
  • Chase, Dallas

    12:37 PM ET

    Mike, how do Prince and Jimmy Smith compare to each other?? I'm thinking Jimmy Smith or Brandon Harris are going to blow up at the Combine, maybe both . .
    Mike Mayock, NFL Network

    Mike Mayock, NFL Network

    Hi Chase. In my opinion the two best CBs in the draft are Patrick Peterson and Prince Amukamara. Jimmy Smith is a great looking specimen and may blow up the combine, but I struggled with his lack of consistency on the field. Brandon Harris is another kid with ability, but I'm really struggling with his last piece of tape, which was the bowl game against Notre Dame.

    In my opinion, Smith and Harris both come with buyer-beware labels. The guy you better check out is Aaron Williams of Texas, who could be the third corner off the board.
  • Eddie, Toronto

    12:40 PM ET

    Which prospect do you think will be the best fit for Buffalo at #3?
    Mike Mayock, NFL Network

    Mike Mayock, NFL Network

    Hi Eddie. The first decision Buffalo has to make is whether or not they believe there's a franchise QB at #3. If there is, they have to take him. In this league, you can't win a Super Bowl without a top-level QB. Failing that, I think they'll take a hard look at the elite defensive players in the draft: Patrick Peterson, the CB from LSU, Von Miller, the edge rusher from Texas A&M, and the pair of DEs, Bower or Quinn, and the two DTs, Dareus and Fairley.
  • Matthew Judd, Ottawa Canada

    12:43 PM ET

    What is your least favorite part of the combine processes??
    Mike Mayock, NFL Network

    Mike Mayock, NFL Network

    Hi Matthew. My favorite part of the process is the positional drills that each player goes through after they do the measurables. Once the 40 and the shuttles and those things are out of the way, we get to see players go through drills that are designed to expose weaknesses based on the positions they play.

    For instance, I love when they take the college DEs that are potential outside linebackers and put them through change-of-direction drills. It is fascinating and has practical applications to football.
  • Sebastian Vollmer, Germany

    12:46 PM ET

    Should my Pats trade up to get Von Miller or Aldon Smith?
    Mike Mayock, NFL Network

    Mike Mayock, NFL Network

    Sebastian, history tells us that Bill Belichick would prefer to trade down as opposed to up. Now, this year the Pats have two picks in Round 1 -- 17 and 28. And the Pats desperately need an edge rusher. It's the deepest DE class in years and there will be people around at 17, potentially an Adrian Clayborn and maybe even Aldon Smith. In addition to the edge rushers, there is also a group of 5-techniques, which is the DE in a 3-4. Cameron Jordan from Cal, Cam Heyward from Ohio State, and Muhammad Wilkerson from Temple all would be great fits in a Patriots jersey.
  • Alexander , Atlanta

    12:49 PM ET

    what is the most important drill for Offensive lineman at the Combine?
    Mike Mayock, NFL Network

    Mike Mayock, NFL Network

    Hi Alexander. There are several different check points for o-linemen. First is somerthing you're born with, arm length -- especially for OTs. Teams want to see a minmum of 34 inches for an NFL left tackle. Next, when the linemen get on the field, the first drill is the 40-yard dash. I don't care much about the 40, but I do care about the 10-yard split. It measures explosion and initial quickness off the ball. Finally, when they do positional drills, you get a chance to see their footwork, which is what can make or break an offensive lineman in the NFL.

    They do a kick-slide drill, which simulates a quick DE coming off the ball and exposes tightness in the hips and an inability to bend. And there is also a mirror drill, where they follow a partner and again you can see whether a player has elite movement skills.
  • blaine, lousiana la

    12:53 PM ET

    i know cam newten is a great qb but i dont think he's ready for the nfl because he will not be able to run through the d like he did in collage do you think he's ready?
    Mike Mayock, NFL Network

    Mike Mayock, NFL Network

    Hi Blaine. There are four QBs in this year's draft that have first-round ability. With two months left before the draft, Blaine Gabbert is the only one I would endorse as a top 10 QB right now. I think Cam Newton has top 10 ability, but I would need to get to know the kid better. There are enough red flags that they key to this evaluation is figuring out the kid, because it's pretty easy to figure out the player.


    12:56 PM ET

    Mike Mayock, NFL Network

    Mike Mayock, NFL Network

    Hi Delone. It really depends on what level of the draft you're looking for. The only RB with a first-round grade for me is Mark Ingram from Alabama, and I think he'll be gone before the Saints are on the clock. But it's a really good draft for the smaller, third-down, change-of-pace RBs. For instance, Jaquez Rogers from Oregon State, Kendall Hunter from Oklahoma State, Deion Lewis from Pitt, Shane Vereen from Cal, Noel Devine from West Virginia, Jordan Toddman from UConn are all examples of players with outstanding production, very quick feet, and ability to both catch the football and make people miss. these players will be available in the seciond, third and fourth rounds. Any of them would be an interesting fit for the Saints.
  • Mike Mayock, NFL Network

    Mike Mayock, NFL Network

    Sorry to cut this short, but I've got to run for some NFL Network business. Lots of great questions, and hopefully we'll do this a few more times leading up to the draft. Enjoy the rest of the combine!

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