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Vic Carucci

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET 21 comments senior columnist Vic Carucci took your questions during his weekly live chat on Friday, April 8 to discuss the latest around the NFL.

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  • mike,

    12:03 PM ET

    when is nfl schedule release date
  • Rich, buffalo,NY

    12:07 PM ET

    what are you expectations for the bills in the upcoming season? draft and all.
  • joe, dallas, texas

    12:11 PM ET

    what are you thoughts on the lockout? what do you think will happen?
  • Paine, VA

    12:12 PM ET

    Without a CBA, I know Carolina can't negotiate a contract with the 1st pick, but can they open any type of negotiations? Can they discuss any parameters of a contract? If not, what effect does that have on the pick?
  • Ryan, Washington State

    12:16 PM ET

    Vic, what are the chances of the Seahawks landing Kolb?
  • Josh, London

    12:19 PM ET

    Why is it that the Colts are working at Kaepernick? It is unlikely that he will fall to them in the second round, and the Colts will not use their first round pick on him.
  • adam, buffalo

    12:23 PM ET

    Vic, huge fan of the NFL networks group of commentators...Godfather is talking up Newton likes he's the greatest thing ever and says no character a Bills fan i am way to skeptical of Newton, yes he does have eyepopping athletic ability, but QB, more than any other position in my opinion is alot more than that and i dont see it with Newton, if i were a GM i would not take a QB with a 1st round pick unless it was a no brainer like a Bradford, Ryan or Luck next yr, you are pretty much banking your career on a 21 yr old kid....your thoughts
  • austin,

    12:29 PM ET

    is farve really retiring?
  • Marc, Detroit

    12:31 PM ET

    Is detroit a playoff team? do they go offense or defense in the draft?
  • Ray, Memphis

    12:33 PM ET

    Hey Vic! The Browns are going to a 4-3 defense. Most observers have them taking AJ Green with the 6th pick. Right now they only have a two man front going into the season. I think they must take DLs with the first two picks. What are your thoughts?
  • Dragan, Split,Croatia

    12:42 PM ET

    What are your thoughts on Greg Little and do you think Rams would get him?
  • Justin y , Monticello, ms

    12:43 PM ET

    so if this whole mess isnt resolved until august how will the free agent period work and how could any organization have a team ready to play?
  • A.J., NY

    12:47 PM ET

    Vic .. what do you think the Patriots do with all their picks? Do they move up to get a stud or bargain for more picks??
  • Nathanael, PA

    12:49 PM ET

    Call me crazy but I honestly cannot justify using a top-15 pick on Cam Newton, and the only team that needs a QB after that in the first round is Seattle. Why do teams seem so quick to take Newton, despite the facts that he is a huge risk and there are many other great players available?
  • Jason, New Orleans

    12:53 PM ET

    Do you think the Saints will go OLB first then maybe S?
  • Otto, Ecuador

    12:55 PM ET

    Should Bills fans be worried about Von Miller as a bust as much as Maybin? Diferences between them? By the way thank you very much for your time
  • Austin, Osky,IA

    12:58 PM ET

    What is the best QB pick for the Vikings, if they pick one?
  • Anthony, Albany, NY

    1:00 PM ET

    Vic do you think the Cowboys trade down to get more picks to bolster the offensive line??
  • Vin, Miami

    1:01 PM ET

    Am i the only one who thinks Pouncey is overrated for a center? i think he's a good guard but not a middle of the first round guard. where do you rank him among the true centers in the draft?

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